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this is a very interesting thread for me as I am still in the process of figuring it all out after being shelved for 17 years.

I witnessed some approaches and they look TERRIBLE from outside. The key is to make it natural and that leads to positioning -as discussed w/Eric recently. Natural and correct positioning comes with experience, so how do you get there without getting burned too much?

My last case and point. I am trying to approach this girl that I see as she walks back home as I drive from work (tough as Eric concurred lately) but I took a stab at it. First attempt as soon as I saw her, I passed her and immediately pulled over, jump out of the car and tried to catch up to her. The girl walks FAST. I realized that running would look very desperate, so I retreated. Second time I set a road block. I pulled over, waited and … she never came that day. Both cases would look awful to a witness. Luckly, there is hardly anyone ever there. This is way too much work for one girl though. Making it look natural is REALLLY hard. I was going to switch to direct but it is draining and I don’t feel like I have enough experience or frankly, confidence at this point. It is a setback. Love the challenge though. Lonely Christmas is around the corner, so I better figure something out quickly:)