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Thanks Eric. I know New York is much more pedestrian friendly than most NA cities. I think I may have to go bold. I think I will pull over when I see her in the distance and pop the hood when she walks by…ask her something. Than I’ll just say that the car was fine and I just wanted to talk to her. She is either going to see humor in this theater or I will crush and burn. I’ll report back.

What I was referring to at the end was that you guys seem to be able to come up with a witty, site specific reaction to seeing someone attractive very quickly – mid sentence as Lee said once. On several occasions I also heard that thinking was an enemy. For me it takes a couple of seconds too long to realize that I like her, where we are, what she’s wearing and other circumstances that might matter to come up with a sensible angle.

So what is the process in your head? It is that you pick a set based on experience or you just have enough experience to open your mouth and have faith that what comes out makes some sort of sense.

I am an introvert so I tend to move around in my own bubble. When I am out of the bubble I can be very effective but get depleted of energy quickly. There is no way I would have enough energy for 5 or 6 approaches a day. I get sort of ‘done’ with girls after a couple unless someone really intrigues me.

Enough about me. Thanks again for quick response. Your and Lee’s approach really resonates with me. I hope to join you for some training in future.