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I agree with Eric 100% on the bootcamps.

The European ones are mostly just marketing by PUA companies ……
The question is, do you have a lot of European women in your town ? If not, then spending time and money on a weekend bootcamp in Europe is of very limited use except for the tourism value….
Different culture, different city layout [old European cities are often pedestrian friendly, whereas in the US its mostly a car culture and layout]…..
Your AA plus the language barrier means that you wont actually do much…..
If you’re going for the anonymity thing, then a different city in the US might serve your purposes better…..say NYC, which has a lot of attractive, single women….

Eric is right….work on the AA…..

That takes a very long time …….its a rabbit hole of personal development……

Once you got that under some level of control, techniques and opening lines come easy…..and will feel natural because they will be congruent with your personality and world-view….