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Eric Disco

> Do you recommend people to go through the full Six Step program before joining a weekend bootcamp?

Yes. Absolutely. I used to teach boot camps and stopped teaching them because 90% of the guys there were just trying to get over their approach anxiety. And then when they left the boot camp they were back to square one. All their anxiety came back.

Boot camps are good for two things: 1) to show you what is possible. You get to see guys do what you never thought was possible. 2) To learn new skills and improve on your skills.

A boot camp will be a thousand times more productive if you can already do some approaching. That way they can tell you how to do things differently. If you have a ton of anxiety when you do the bootcamp, you won’t learn very much. Your brain pretty much shuts down when you have anxiety. But if you have already been out approaching, you’ll probably pick up some good things if they guys know what they’re doing.

> Do you have any recommendation for bootcamps to do (ideally in Europe)?

I don’t. I’m just not on the scene right now when it comes to boot camps.

> Any plans to start doing Skype consultations again?

I might start again in a few months. I do enjoy coaching. Just wanted to step back and take a break from it.