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Eric Disco

Warmth is relative. Even if you are generally cold and stoic, when you are with friends and family, you tend to come off differently: slightly more relaxed, enjoying yourself, maybe with a slight, discernible smile if not a big warm welcoming smile.

This comes down to the definition of confidence: how you expect women to treat you when you open them. If you expect them to smile and be friendly, you in turn will show a more relax and friendly demeanor. If you expect them to reject you, you will be guarded and cold.

I’ve noticed that when I have been consistently opening, at least one woman every day, my demeanor changes. I expect to get a warmth and a laugh from women when I open them, even if I don’t 100% of the time. And they in turn are warmer to me when I open them. Probably 90% of the time. When I haven’t been consistently opening, like a few weeks ago I took two weeks off because I was sick, there’s something different in my demeanor that women can sense. And they react less positively to me.

Even my best friend/wing can’t see the difference. But women can sense it. There’s just something different. I’m enjoying myself more. There’s less inner resistance. Thee’s less dependence on outcome. I might have a bit more of a smile or a twinkle in my eye. I’m just a little bit more relaxed. Maybe my shoulders are more relaxed or there’s a different pattern of eye contact. I’ve tried hard to reproduce it but it something that comes naturally when I consistently open women.

My suggestion would be to have a slight smile on your face. Maybe not even a smile but a smirk. Think about Bruce Willis when he’s being funny. He doesn’t have a huge grin. He’s just enjoying himself. Don’t force yourself to smile but see if you can enjoy the process. It will come more naturally as you practice this more.