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Whoa, there is some gold there Eric.

I definitely need to recon more and lock in on some locations, otherwise I get discouraged wondering around aimlessly. I read your last post, very good.

You hit the nail on the head with age appropriate approach. I think my mistake was that I came hot out of the gate after my divorce, one because I’ve forgotten that I was out of the game for 16 years and two I was just really horny. All in all, didn’t got too well. I think I was sending mixed messages and need to streamline more now.

The only comment that I have when it comes to qualifying women at my age is that, being women, they sometimes feel judged or intimidated or insecure and end up clinging on to sillier, easier boys. The women who are up to the task are ‘higher shelf’ and therefore unobtainable. I need to do more research on qualifying technics and this whole angle…tips? resources?

One observation that I want to share with other readers my age is beware of easy targets. If the woman is too keen and is between 30-40 it means that she either wants children yesterday or is after money…just something to keep in mind.

Banter is no go my age, I agree with you Eric 100%. It just comes out stupid. I am trying to come up with more mature ways to keep the ladies entertained.

And the price goes to:

“As an older guy, showing too much interest early on is a death knell”

I couldn’t agree more. Which often means you don’t show enough interest and she moves on, or your pinned up energy takes the better of you and the cat if out of the bag – game over.

Definitely, different shades to the game as you get older.