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Eric Disco

> What’s tricky is that if I find someone unattractive or don’t have skin in the game so to speak it is actually somewhat easy to connect.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think this is true if you chat up younger women. If they’re attractive, you are going to react, even if you already know they are too young. Worth practicing on them.

> it is some sort of self destructive mechanism.

I know it all too well. Exactly why I got into the game and wrote my book.

> I was hoping the was a method to cheat.

Go somewhere where there are a lot of women to speak with. College campuses. Bars. If you go to bars, go to happy hour, not the 11PM friday night scene where older guys are fighting a losing battle. It seems that the hardest part for you is finding enough women to approach. Make that your mission.

> Any thoughts, input on value or disadvantages of age and accent?

Age isn’t necessarily a detriment as long as you use it to your advantage. If you act like you are the luckiest guy in the world to be talking with a young hot woman, you won’t do well. You need to turn the tables. What do they have to offer you? You are more experienced and wiser. Make them qualify themselves to you. Qualification is one of the most important elements for older guys.

Also, dress appropriately for your age. Don’t try to dress like a punk or a rock star. You can still dress edgy but make it more dressy. Think Paul Smith or Saint Lauren.

An accent can be fine. But again, make sure you are qualifying her. You’re the worldly man trying to find out if she is cultured enough to hang out with you. Has she traveled? Worked internationally?

Also, stay away from too much banter and childish routines. You will definitely tease her, mess with her and make her wonder whether you’re into her. But keep it a bit more subtle. As an older guy, showing too much interest early on is a death knell.