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Eric Disco

> So do you still follow the system in your book? – Open, say something about yourself, then say something about her?

Yes. The basic structure is still the same. In fact the zoo opener is in my book.

> Do you use that old pick up stuff of Demonstrating Higher Value in what you say? And do you try to tease/neg usually and qualify her?

Yes, absolutely. There are lots of ways to demonstrate value: showing intelligence in a topic, social proof, etc. I do tease, neg and qualify.

For example, if I open her in a book store, I will pick up a book and say, “Have you heard anything about this book? The reason I ask is because you look like you read a lot, like you spend a lot of time in the library.” It’s a bit of a neg to tell her she looks like she spends time in the library. It tends to make them laugh and open up.