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Eric Disco

Not being able to find enough women to practice your game is a problem, particularly if you live in a more rural area. I suggest being very open to practicing game on all kinds of women. If you see a woman who is attractive who is not the type you would date, open her anyway, just to for the practice. I do that all the time. If you see something attractive in a woman, even just her boots, compliment her on it. Nine out of ten women I open are not someone I’d date. I still flirt and get into conversations with them, sometimes even exchange contact info. But I know what I’m looking for so even if they contact me I’ll only go for the ones I really want.

I suspect that part of your pickiness is social anxiety. When you have anxiety, your brain looks for any excuse to not take action. It’s brilliant at coming up with excuses. And “she’s not my type” is one of the best excuses out there. In reality, if you tune into it, you’ll find you are attracted to a lot more people than you think and your brain is just tricking you so that you won’t have to experience the discomfort that comes with taking action and training your body.