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Eric Disco

In situations where you’ll likely see the girl again, such as work, classes or places you regularly frequent, it’s better to invite her out to a specific event at a specific time so that she has the option to say that she’s busy if she’s not interested. That gives her cover to say no without making things weird. This also gives you the option to invite her out again a few weeks later if she does decline. If she does say yes to the event, then get her contact info from there.

> Also how do I deal with her dad being there? Just ask her in front of him or try to catch her when he’s not around?

Try to do it when her Dad isn’t there.

> I’m not from here so I could ask her to show me around or something.(Although I’ve been here fairly long so I should know my way around by now)

Nah. That makes you seem helpless. Better off inviting her to something you’re interested in, like a museum, lecture, show, etc.

> I’m a musician and could invite her to a show I’m playing. But then I’d have to try to transition that to showing actual intent.

Unless she’s expressed interest in seeing your show, I would avoid this. While being on stage does give you a boost in attraction, it may be difficult to connect with her. She also may not like your music or it may not be to her taste, which is a risk.

> Or I could just straight up ask her to hangout sometime.

As I said above, make it a specific time so she can say no gracefully by saying she’s busy.