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Eric Disco

Yes, guys with major approach anxiety do get hurt much more easily. Without an abundance mentality, you are less likely to cut your losses at an appropriate time. When you have options, you are less likely to hang on when a woman is showing red flags or treating you as an option rather than a priority.

In general, you are better off dating when you have less anxiety and depression. Due to all the uncertainty, dating can generate a huge amount of anxiety. The more anxiety you have, the more you are likely to get into a bad relationship because you’ll cling to someone needy. The healthiest relationships start slowly and preferably from a place of power for both individuals. That being said, there is no ideal situation. Everyone has anxieties, insecurities and blind spots. But you may be better off for a while focusing on feeling better and being more social rather than trying to date and get a girlfriend if you feel terrible about yourself.