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Hey Eric,

Thanks a lot for the reply. Very interesting points. Yeah, I have to make some major changes and try everything.

That’s a very interesting article about Propranolol.

I have a follow up question –

I was dating a girl last year and it was super intoxicating. She has emotional/psychological issues and Borderline Personality Disorder. It was an emotional rollercoaster and I overlooked many red flags. It was also a long distance relationship.

She ended things and I’ve been a TOTAL mess for half a year now. But I want to ask – do you notice that guys with major approach/social anxiety are much more easily hurt because they don’t have abundance mentality due to the anxiety? Like, this girl found another guy right away but it’s been over half a year of me being single and hurting.

Should a guy even enter a relationship if he has these anxiety issues and can’t generate abundance? Feels like playing with fire. Thanks