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Eric Disco

I’m all for trying out medications to see what works for you. Antidepressants have worked wonders for a lot of people I know. If you are depressed it can be very hard to make headway. As they say, desperation is the worst cologne, and depression can make you feel desperate all of the time. It can make you feel like you *need* to get this girl to make you happy. And for some people, that feeling of desperation/depression has nothing to do with their actions or state of mind. You don’t have to look further than many famous, successful people who kill themselves due to depression. It’s worth trying antidepressants to see if they work for you. If you do try them, give them six weeks before you make a final decision, as it can take a while for the medication to level out.

Propranolol also has some interesting studies behind it. In this study, a single dose of propranolol was tied to ‘selective erasure’ of anxiety disorders.