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Yes it does. Thanks. This has been an area for me that i strongly need work with. I’m suspicious that most normal guys do too.
I think 80% of men fall into this trap and your article is well written and very clear.
In a relationship when you create space even though they don’t realize they have irritated you they come at you with questions and its at this point i think is what makes or breaks it.
Its almost like its being done on purpose just to try and test you. Lol

At that point what to do?
“Not angry hun just busy” yadda yadda.

How do you respond after they irritated you and the detect the space and inquire.??
“Nah hun just been thinking of my next scheme to conquer the world”

We are so conditioned to “talk” its hard to communicate implicitly.
Very very deep subject just in 1 blog post Eric and thanks for it.