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Eric Disco

Great question. You do definitely don’t want to convey that you are angry, hurt, bitter, etc.

The best way to do this is to become distracted with something else. Focus your attention elsewhere. If you’re out with her and she’s being stupid, go about doing what you would do if she weren’t there.
Don’t ignore her. Just act less interested in what she has to say. Like she’s boring you.

If her actions are so egregious that you have to end the night, tell her you’re tired or you have work to do or you have to get up early. If she wants to come over, just say you aren’t in the mood. If she starts to ask why, that’s an opening for you to tell her something like, “You just don’t seem like you’re into it.”

If she’s texting you, just reply slower or not at all. If she asks to hang out, say, “This week is pretty hectic. Let’s touch base next week.”