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Eric Disco

Here’s the thing. You’re not REQUIRED to answer a woman’s question seriously. She doesn’t even necessarily want a serious answer.

Her: You asked me where starbucks was and you’ve lived in this town for ten years?

Me: I just felt like flirting with you.


I thought you could find a better starbucks then the last six I went to.


I’m not very perceptive.


I just started drinking coffee this afternoon. My first cup ever. Not bad.

If you’d rather leave out the possibility of her asking that, other options might be to ask her if she knows a place to get on the internet, or where the library is, or if she knows of a good restaurant for a dinner party. Someone who has lived in a place for years might still ask that type of question.

also the fact that I have to lie to open the girl

If you were going to be completely honest with the girl, you would say, “Hey, I saw you there and I would really like to fuck you. Maybe date you, but definitely fuck you.” That would probably be the most honest thing to say to her. Instead, you are making things easier on both of you by giving both of you an excuse to have a casual conversation under a silly pretext. I can address this honesty thing more but my guess is that you don’t really care that much about being honest with every single person all the time but this is another excuse your brain is throwing in the way of you taking initiative.

Should I tap her on the shoulder and continue to walk with the girl, or should I try to stop her to talk?

Lately I’ve been into walking in the same direction as the girl, walking next to her or slightly in front of her and while I’m walking, I start talking with her and keep walking. It takes some coordination and practice, but it can work out pretty well, particularly if you have a confident walk. There is a type of confidence you can display in your walk that you can’t display anywhere else.

Alternatively, you can tap her on the shoulder and try to get her to stop. I do that too sometimes. If you do this, I like to get in her field of vision first, and then pretend I just saw her. I turn and tap her on the arm and stop walking at the same time I say, “Hey. Do you know…”

Additionally, what would you if the girl is walking in the opposite direction from you, walks past you and sees you.

In these situations I pull out my phone like I just got a phone call. Look down the street in the direction she’s walking. “Okay, I can meet you there!” And I start walking in the same direction as her. “Okay. I’ll be there in five minutes!” I say as I keep walking. When you are talking on a cell phone, people just pretty much ignore you.