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Ok so my body really is rooted the entire time? As in, it doesn’t pivot turn, fidget or move almost in any way. I should stand there like a god damn Greek statue haha!

One thing I was playing around with today which actually is been pretty effective to change her body language to match mine is pointing.

I do 95% of my going out every day on a running trail because it’s about 7 feet from my house, so most of the girls I talk to are running towards me or walking and have their headphones in. I find I have to open people walking towards me because it’s nearly impossible to stop them when they are running the same direction as I’m walking. That means I have to be looking behind me constantly which is super weird.

I make eye contact, stop them, and then point in the direction they were coming from (the direction I’m facing). I pause here, pointing, acting like I’m thinking of the words I’m about to say while my arm is outstretched. This process takes all of 2 seconds, but it makes them turn to see what I’m pointing at. Now they are facing the same way as me! I can move shoulder to shoulder with them, and then continue to open as normal.

It’s a double bonus because it breaks logical momentum. If they are facing the way they were just coming from that feeling of urgency to continue down their path is stinted. I’m finding that having people running or walking towards me do a 180 has a HUGE increase in success. They will continue to talk to me for far longer.

This stuff is so interesting and fun! I love it!