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Eric Disco

1) Since I am on step 4 and not 5, do you recommend I integrate and use the ‘deeper scripts’ you just posted today or keep it light and fluffy with my small talk scripts for now and then move to them later?

Try the deeper stuff if you think you can do it. You sound like you’re ready for it. If you can’t, drop back to the lighter stuff and practice with that first.

2) How do I know when I’ve mastered step 4?

I would say at least a few conversations a week.

3) I’m just curious as to why someone sitting has such a high success rate than someone walking?

If she feels a ton of attraction, it won’t make any difference whether you’re walking or sitting. But most guys don’t generate a ton of attraction right at the start. If she’s already sitting there, she is more likely to take a chance and talk with you than if she is heading somewhere. Attractive women have learned to automatically say no to most people. So it is harder to break that momentum if she is preoccupied.

If there are approach situations that are better than others, can they be listed in order of rate of success?

Absolutely. This is dependent on the person, particularly because YOU will feel more comfortable in certain situations. For me, these are situations where it is easier to get into a conversation:

    quieter environments are better than louder environments
    sitting next to her is better than standing next to her is better than walking next to her
    walking in the same direction is better than walking toward me
    stopped at a crosswalk is better than walking
    headphones in makes it a little harder
    her face buried in her phone makes it a lot harder
    if she’s talking on the phone, it’s impossible to be indirect
    reading a book or magazine is better than looking at her phone
    typing on her phone is worse than just looking at it
    facing toward me is better than facing away
    doing something, like reaching into her bag or looking at food on the shelf, makes it harder
    alone is better than with a friend
    an environment that has less movement, like a bookstore, is better than an environment where they move around a lot, like a supermarket
    a more crowded bench with one seat next to her is better than a completely empty bench, because I can sit closer to her on a crowded bench
    a girl seated with no seats anywhere near her is the hardest, because I have to stand and talk while she sits

This is just off the top of my head. Keep in mind that you can’t wait for the ideal situation before taking action, particularly when you are practicing the earlier steps.

4) I’m curious how you sit down when going indirect; do you just plop down and then ask for directions?

Yes. There are a few ways to do it. Sit down and ask for directions. Ask for directions and start talking with her and at a certain point, say, “I gotta take off in a minute to meet my friends but I’m gonna join you for a second.” Or you can ask if it’s okay if you join her.

Thanks for all the answers Eric, you’re helping take the mystery out of one of the most confusing, difficult, yet rewarding things I’ve ever set out to do in my life and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. 🙂

Glad I could help!