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Eric Disco

A lot of what they are saying is true. However, some things they aren’t saying:

Men’s attraction for women and women’s attraction for men are not equally based on looks. In other words, a man’s sexual attraction for a woman is almost entirely based on the physical. This isn’t true for women. For women, two other factors come into play: behavior and status. This isn’t to say that a guy who’s a 2 in looks could get a 10 with enough status or behavior, just that status and behavior can change a man’s sexual market value a lot more than it can for women.

Secondly, this is not actually true: “Whoever gets approached is put in a position of power.” One of the behaviors that attracts women to men is assertiveness. A man doesn’t feel any extra attraction for a woman just because she was confident enough to approach him. In fact, her value could be lowered in his eyes. Women will many times feel more attracted to a man who had the balls to approach her. Again, this isn’t to say that a 2 will become a 10 just because he has balls. But a woman’s attraction to a man will be increased by his boldness, whereas women can’t as much take initiative with men. So within the context of a single interaction, a woman may have some power because she gets to decide whether she likes him, but a man can approach as many women as he wants, drastically increasing his chances of finding a more attractive woman who will be into him. In the larger picture, this means men have a lot more power than women when it comes to dating, if he is able to harness this power.

This guy also sounds very negative, that if you don’t have X, Y and Z (a square jaw, are over 6’0, a perfectly symmetrical face etc.) that no girl will want you. He makes a good point about Tinder allowing women to choose purely based on looks, and he’s not wrong about that. If you go on Tinder, you are going to get attraction almost purely based on your looks. In person it is different. Looks still matter, but you are able to do a lot more to show your personality. Looks matter to some women more than others and if you don’t have model looks, you can still get attractive women, it will just take more approaches.