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Eric – that is a genius insight ! yes, that was exactly it…..I felt inhibited, mostly because I like this girl more than usual…..
Ironically, the inhibition and Frozen ness caused me to pretty much ignore her the whole night and remain unreactive to her attempts to restart the flirting…

Thanks again !

@ marshall –she hasn’t been mean to me in any way so this isn’t that kind of situation….its more her programming taking over at the last moment… and now my fear making me inhibited and frozen….when a woman is genuinely mean to me, which is rare ( I’m talking about women with whom I have some sort of relationship already, not those who blow me out when I open them – we all have those…) ….I prefer to focus my energies on finding the next one……while its not always easy to find someone you have a natural chemistry with, there are a lot of really nice , good looking girls out there…..