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Eric Disco

There’s inhibition to be dealt with at all levels of the game, from the approach, all the way into relationships. I experience inhibition texting, going out on dates, making moves on women. Even weeks into the relationship you can feel inhibited, particularly if you don’t have leverage. The less power you feel like you have in the relationship, the more inhibited you’ll act. The more you like her, the more inhibited you are likely to feel.

Once you’re with a girl, the inhibition for me typically takes the form of, “I don’t know what to do here.” What is my next move? Almost any move can seem wrong when she’s hot. The more you think about what you *should* be doing, the more likely you are to freeze up.

In those situations, I ask myself a very simple question: What would I do right now if I were alone? The idea is that you want to focus on yourself and treat her as an add-on to your life. That’s the way she wants to be treated. She doesn’t want to be focused on. She doesn’t want you to dote over her. She’s attracted to you because you live your life the way you want to live it and let her into it.