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Eric Disco

Wait it out. You pushed a little hard the second time you hung out with her. She ran off without giving you contact info. That says something. You raised your value a lot by getting seen out with another woman, particularly if that woman was attractive. You are now in a good position to rekindle things if you see her again. She’s probably regretting not getting your contact info now that she’s seen you with another woman.

You would lose value if you got her number or email through your mutual friend and contacted her. There’s not much you could say that wouldn’t come across as try-hard, particularly since she left without giving you her contact info the first time.

Another option could be to ask your mutual friend to invite both of you out or to let you know when she’ll be coming out. But that could easily bite you in the ass if he says something like, “Cartoox really wanted to see you.” Then you are dead in the water. So I would only do that if you really trusted him or knew he was really socially savvy.