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Eric Disco

Hey Man,

This is a problem of logistics. Logistics refers to dealing with physically or socially complex situations. Some other difficult situations may include a supermarket where the girl won’t stand still and is bouncing around the produce aisle. Or a girl lying on a blanket in the middle of a lawn in a park.

In these situations it can be a lot easier to have something to say to her to give you a reason to walk up to her. Since you are not at Step 3 yet, I advise skipping doing anything involving difficult logistics and just practice positioning in situations were there is an excuse for you to get next to her. Most situations won’t be as difficult as the ones we described here and if they are, just don’t do them for now. You should have enough opportunities to practice without doing the most difficult ones.

Eventually, you will be able to do these or at least attempt them. That being said, even the best guys in the world will have an easier time starting a conversation with a girl in an easy situation than a difficult one. Obstacles are obstacles no matter how good you get. In fact, once you get good, the only thing you worry about are logistics. I rarely worry about what I’m going to say, what she is going to think of me, whether I’m going to creep her out, etc. The only thing I worry about is tackling logistics like the ones described here. How do I get next to her in a casual way so that I can casually start talking with her? You will be dealing with this question for the rest of your life, no matter how good you get. That’s why Step 2 is so important, it gets you to start thinking physically instead of verbally.