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Hey Eric (and anyone reading), I wanted to get some advice on this same girl from this thread, who I had went on a couple of dates with and she lives 5 hours away. So, from the last message on this thread for a quick recap, I asked her out again and she said she was busy, after having asked out twice. I said “say hey when you have more free time”. She said sorry for being so busy but invited me to hang out on another day. Then she ultimately flaked on that date too. So, I dropped it.

I don’t know if I should’ve done this, I decided to text her three weeks ago after I hadn’t said anything in 4 months. She texted back the next day and we got into flirty conversation. I didn’t ask her out again. I waited until a week later and pinged her. We again got into conversation. I let her know that I’ll be in her town and we should meet up. I said it in a way so that she knows I’m going to be in town and that I’m not just there to hang out with her. My goal was to sound less needy. Anyway, she again said she was busy. So, I dropped it again. I visited her town and had a good time, I have some friends there as well.

So I didn’t say anything to her after that but she texts me about a week later “I apologize for being missing, I’ve just been really busy at work.” Now, if there is anything I’ve learned is that if she really wants to hang out, she can make the time. So, how do I interpret this? How should I play this moving forward? I’ll drop it if you don’t think its anything. There has to be some interest if she texted me, right? She could’ve just said nothing. Or am I reading too much into it?

Thanks for help. I can give more of a recap if you need.