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Eric Disco

When you are in this situation, you have one advantage that every other guy does not: time.

In most situations with women, you have a time pressure. If you meet a woman at a party, for example, you better increase her interest and get her phone number before you leave. This time constraint forces you to show your interest, often before she is interested in you.

In your situation, however, you have plenty of time. This allows you to mess with her, show a lot of disinterest, etc., without necessarily scaring her off. So in this case, I tend to lean heavily on the disinterest: talk with her but make sure to get in a few barbs and leave the conversation early.

For example, at work I was speaking with a woman and found out that she lives in jersey. Although I grew up in jersey, I like to bust on people for living in jersey. After she told me she was from jersey, I said, “Jersey? Oh man. Not cool. We gotta get you out of jersey.” And then I walked off.

Chances are, I’ll run into her again and she will then try to win my interest.

In general, the ‘take-away’, where you leave her hanging and walk off, is a great thing. Sometimes you can get away with it at a party or a club. But in those situations, you run a big risk of not talking with her again. But if you do, it’s magical.

In your situation, you can pretty much do as many take-aways as you want. Talk to her for a little and then walk off on her. The idea is to get her striving for your approval.