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Thanks for responding.

Totally, it’s emotionally draining. You spend time, invest and then nothing. What bothers me is they act like they interested and I do feel like they were. I usually send something flirty like a pic or something we talked about.
I tried changing things around. The one thing I noticed that girls who I am on the date with and I show interest cause I see they are interested, later I get dead end. And girls who I completely don’t give a thing about are later interested in me. Most of the time it happens though that I’m not sexually attracted to those girls.
But you’re right. I should act like I’m less interested in them.
Here’s another example, I met the girl at the private party. We talked a bit through texts then set up a casual date. Went out for few drinks, kissed after. She texted me she had amazing time. That same night which was Wednesday we decided to go on another date on Sunday. Sunday comes and she bails saying she’s coming down with a flu. Obviously blow off. Why all of the sudden cold feet?
I have no problem approaching women in bars or lounges. I usually get the number. But a lot of times it goes now her.