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Heyyyyy everyone how have you guys been? I figured it would only be fare that I update you guys especially Lee, since you guys invested a few minutes of your life in my situation. I hope you guys had a great summer.

Sooooooo, as you might expect I kept fucking up with this girl. As much as I saw Lee’s coaching work and as much as I saw me being evasive working, I just kept fucking up and losing it with needy behavior, to the point the girl was seeing a totally different guy.

When that happened (About April/May) I said to myself fuck this, I don’t need this, I can do better, fuck this bitch blah blah blah

I started giving other women a legit chance. I was not spending time with them to forget the other chick or to game the other chick but to actually find someone to chill with and be happy. Not to be with someone who I wanted to be happy with.

When I made that bold move. I started meeting other women and other women, getting laid here and there. Why? Cause the focus was back on myself and it showed.

I applied Lees coaching on all the new chicks and I’m telling you it works. Especially if you never let the chick get any control to begin with.

Well you can assume what happened after….. The chick I was hung up on broke up with whoever dude, messaged me online and gave me her new number. I was just subtle about everything and said cool. Because by this point my Ego is in high gear along with my confidence. Now I do feel I still like the girl, I would be bullshitting you if I told you I wasn’t. But it’s different now and she knows if we hook up then fine and if we never hook up then I’m fine with that too. (Whatever attitude).

Well guess what else happened? If you rewind to the beginning of my story, I’m pretty sure we forgot this started when I was about to get married. Remember my fiancé ? Well guess what, she’s back on the radar. Trying to figure me out and asking if we can maybe have a drink or dinner.

So at the end since I started focusing on myself and putting myself on the pedestal , I have created options of women for myself. Even the girl I was so Inlove with, the girl that I lost myself with, the girl that I thought I could never replace became just an option. Someshit right? as you can see I started this thread a lil over a year ago. Things take time.

This is what I learned and of course using Lee’s guidance which you guys can scroll back on my thread for reference.

1. No matter what, give a girl all the space possible. Let her come to you, let her miss you. (Remove availability, create scarcity, remove attention: Lee) what girls hate the most is a guy who gives them attention. Yes women bitch about the opposite but TRUST ME DoNT Do It!!

2. If she doesn’t come back then the attraction was not there so move on dude.

3. Date other women and focus on yourself but what you have to realize is, You can’t do it for “Mission: get this girl” you have to do it for yourself, to be happy and move on. Trust me the women will come. If you do it for the girl it will show and it will fuck u up.

4. The only way you can impress any woman, I don’t care who the fuck it is, it’s by focusing and improving yourself. (I can’t stress this enough)

5. The most important and the most powerful position a man can be in, is being able to Walk Away. Never ever ever never ever let a woman feel secure in where they stand with you!! NEVER!!!! Let them feel you will walk away and not look back if you ever chose too!! Women are so attracted to men who’s feelings or situations they’re not sure about.

All this leads to what Lee was guiding me with. Again I’m not perfect, I still fuck up but now at least I understand and get it.