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Eric Disco

You made the right moves. I would have done exactly the same. It’s possible you could have gotten her to meet you by begging and cajoling but you would have had very little power on that date. Going on dates when there’s not enough attraction is the worst. I would let this one go.

>So that’s where it stands. My plan is to completely let her go and I will only text if she does first. I was just wondering, is this a good idea? Do you have other suggestions?

Yup, let her take initiative. And when a girl is into you, she will take some initiative. You don’t know what’s up with her. Maybe this girl is still wrapped up in an ex and the timing is bad. Play it chill and touch base with her again in a few weeks.

>I’m definitely disappointed but I realize is part of dating. Without knowing all the details of the initial dates, is there anything I could’ve done to avoid this flake?

Yeah, you could have not talked to any woman ever. But that’s no fun. This is part of dating. You’re learning to put your efforts where it is going to yield results instead of heartache.

The only thing I can point to that you could have done differently is to get sexual with her quicker. The three most important rules of seduction are: 1. Escalate. 2. Escalate. 3. Escalate.