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Hey Eric and anyone else reading. I wanted to give a quick update and I have a question.

So, I played it chill and didn’t text. She actually texted me last week wondering if I was in town, but I wasn’t. So I still waited until this past week to text (once per week rule). I asked her out again for Friday and agin she was busy. I said “well, say hey when you have more free time” and dropped it. She quickly texted back and said she would love to hang out on Saturday if I can. I said sure and being the guy (don’t know if it’s right or wrong), I made the plans. She agreed and everything was set. She texted me Saturday morning saying she has the flu. I’m 99% sure she’s blowing me off so I just said “get well”. That was it, no other texts.

So that’s where it stands. My plan is to completely let her go and I will only text if she does first. I was just wondering, is this a good idea? Do you have other suggestions?

I’m trying to keep my head up. The one thing I tell myself is that hey, at least now I have my first flake. I’m 32, and a late bloomer in dating, so it’s nice to get that first one out of the way. I’m definitely disappointed but I realize is part of dating. Without knowing all the details of the initial dates, is there anything I could’ve done to avoid this flake?
Thanks so much!