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Eric Disco

> Couple of days later i called her and asked to go out again, she agreed and we went to watch a movie.

I’m assuming you didn’t hook up because you didn’t say anything about that. If you didn’t at least make out with her on the second date, that could be a problem.

> Now couple of days later at the party she called me when she got in and told me to call her when i arrive, so i did, we only greeted and nothing happened. She was kind of avoiding me, in the middle of conversation went to talk with her friend and stayed with him the whole night.

While I would avoid meeting a woman at a party in lieu of a date, parties can be a great place to show high value. You can socialize with other people, particularly attractive women, and stoke up some nice jealousy plotlines.

> Now how should i proceed, what is my next move, should i call her and ask her to go out, send some msg or just forget about it?

Send her a text message. First ‘ping’ her with something meaningless or flirty. Once she responds, then ask her on another date. However, I would plan something and invite her along with you. For example, “I’m checking out a gallery opening tomorrow night. Wanna tag along?”

And for god’s sake, make sure you get sexual on the date.

> You’ve been out twice–nothing’s happened yet–maybe take a risk and invite her to your place for food/movie/whatever and see where things go

This is not a bad idea, especially if you haven’t hooked up with her yet. She may be hesitant to hang out with you because she doesn’t want to hang out with you and not hook up again.

> If a girl ever apologizes to me over something like that, I usually half-jokingly say she can make it up to me. This lets her no that you are still ok with her, and it sets a frame where she’s trying to do right by you.

Yup. Although I might be a little more jokey about it because you don’t want to seem butthurt that she didn’t spend enough time with you. I might say, “Yeah, I was getting hit on by all these women at the party. Where were you to save me?”