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Hey Eric, thank you for the timely response! I do have a few questions though…

> If a girl is really interested, she will make an effort to connect with you. Even if she’s super busy with work, she’ll find a way. She may try to call you on the phone. She may invite you there to see her. She may just text you a lot. If she doesn’t, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s not interested, it means that she isn’t interested ENOUGH to fit you into her life.

I’m just thinking, what if she really is just too busy to make time this weekend. I know that it may sound like I’m making excuses, but some of the things she texts me makes it sound like she is interested. Why would she text things like “blah blah blah but we need to do that together” or “blah blah blah next time I see you.”?

My bigger question though is about backing off. Now, I’m not saying that its a bad idea. I’ve had it work in the past. In fact, I got so busy at one time with this girl that I hadn’t texted in awhile and she texts “just wanted to say hi!”. So, I can see where it works. But, my question is, what’s wrong with open communication? I feel like by backing off, I’m trying to manipulate her into talking to me or hanging out with me. Why can’t I say something like “Hey Sarah, because of this, this, and this I’m getting mixed signals from you. Are you interested in pursuing this further?” Or something to that effect. If she doesn’t want to, she can tell me right then and there. Or she can say sorry I’ve been really busy but we can hang out after I have more free time. I understand that it might decrease my value by showing I’m unsure how she feels, but I also think its perfectly normal for people to be unsure of things early on. I certainly will try backing off, but I just wanted to here your thoughts on open communication as well.

Thanks so much!