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It is definitely a numbers game.

It makes sense to me that if you meet people in a situation where you are likely to have passions or values in common, you’re more likely to connect. We all have ‘demographics’ that we are probably more compatible and incompatible with.

However, even within your ‘demographic’, there are going to be women who are virtually perfect for you but are just not receptive at the time. But often you don’t really know who is going to be receptive until you approach.

So you are going to have to approach a few. Sometimes you ‘get lucky’ and meet someone who is receptive on your first approach. Sometimes not till your 10th approach. Then, as Frez points out, there will be some women who are receptive that you just don’t like.

For me, it’s also about my personal state rather than the girl’s receptiveness. My first approach of the day is often clunky and awkward, but by my 5th approach I am feeling much more warmed up and getting way better responses.

So to summarise, I think unless you are adept at attracting and reading approach signals, and you’re always on top form even in your first approach, it will be a numbers game.

Lee has talked about qualification on here a lot, but personally I have had mixed experiences with it. I think it has to be genuine for it to really work, and when I’m phoning it in, the girls can tell.