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one thing that’s important re: therapy is to try to make sure that the therapist understands what you’re trying to do and even if they don’t completely understand it, that they’re at least on board with what you’re doing. (Many don’t seem to get this–for some completely inexplicable reason the ability to simply start dating isn’t on the mental-health radar. It should be). That’s why a therapist and a support group (like the posters on here) is a good two-pronged approach. Be honest with the therapist and say what kind of external support groups you’re using, what it’s like to practice approaching, etc.

Also, the most important thing I’ve managed to do since starting this whole thing is shift the issue from one about “Why can’t I get guurrrllllls!!!” to one of self-development “OK, I’m not talking to anyone. What’s stopping me, and how can I unblock myself?”

No, it’s not easy–I’ve been working on this for a very, very long time. There’s people out there who think they have “approach anxiety”, talk to 50 girls, then they start hitting on everyone. That’s not me–and it’s not most of us. It’s a lotta work. But the process itself is rewarding–and the outcomes will be even more so. Keep posting here–the folks here will help you.