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Funny you mention therapy and telling other people about it… Because just yesterday I met my therapist and told her: Listen, it may sound silly, but it seems that the main emotional issue in my life is the inability to approach girls and express myself when I feel like it… It’s frustrating and blocking me, and stopping me from experiencing freedom in life!” We spent the whole session talking about it.

And RIGHT NOW I’m chatting to a good friend about it openly. And I’ve shared this struggle with other friends too.

As for accountability partner stories…

I just came home from a local bar where a friend had an exhibition opening. Noticed a very cute girl hanging out with two other girlfriends. Started looking at her, caught her stealing glances too. Had plenty of opportunity to walk up both when she was alone and when she was sitting with her friends. There were moments when I felt totally ready and started walking in their direction, only to stop and turn away again because, the certainty suddenly faded :D.

Then I started feeling tired and not wanting to talk to anyone anymore. So I went home, admittedly frustrated with myself. But also accepting – it’s not like I NEEDED to talk to that specific girl as if my life depended on it. I might see her again, and there are plenty others. And I felt that if I don’t feel communicative, it would be kind of forced to sit at their table and stare into distance >:).

But you’re saying “Stick to your plan even when you are tired, when you feel like crap, etc.” What do you mean?