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Women want to bang just as much as you do (when they feel the right way about you). They just want you to lead.

I think you also have to be wary of taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach to women and escalation. Vin De Carlo talks about how women are either ‘Justifiers’ or ‘Deniers’ when it comes to sex…the long and short is that some of them have a lot of mental conflicts surrounding it, and being too eager can really put their defenses up.

In the situation you mentioned, I would just back off a bit, then try again later. Sometimes the girl wants to kiss you or whatever but doesn’t want to feel slutty, or just doesn’t want to move so fast. I went on a first date with a girl a couple of weeks ago that told me she didn’t usually kiss on the first date (after I kissed her)! With these slower girls you just have to continue leading, but back off a bit to show them you respect their boundaries.

If a girl was just ridiculously shy and I would have to push really hard to help her to get through it, I would just walk away. I have been in that situation before and even though the girl liked it, the sex sucked and I felt like half a rapist. Never again.