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I wouldn’t want absolute compliance either–but that’s a bit different. I mean I don’t want to date–or fool around with–a doormat! It’s boring. Tension (good tension) is a large part of what makes these things (relationships/sex/whatever) work, and keeps them exciting.

And there’s a difference between a girl not wanting to do something, and not having it occur to her. The idea of kissing within a few seconds isn’t undesirable at all–It doesn’t occur to most people very often. It’s not a matter of some “comfort zone”–it’s just not the general norm. But if she likes you, and the environment is facilitative, maybe she will. It’s a bit like the “I don’t have sex on the first date” business. It’s just a line she probably tells her friends–or maybe someone she’s on a date with if she wants to brush them off. But if she’s into it, then why not?

As for your specific example, I dunno–it’s not my style to be honest. It sounds like “I want to go as far as I can in 5 minutes just to see what happens, and it doens’t really matter who the girl is”. A lot of PUA marketers act like it works all the time–usually to sell products–but in truth it’s probably a tiny fraction–even in bars/clubs. As to what you actually SAY in that c ase? I don’t know—don’t apologize. Maybe jokingly say that you couldn’t help yourself and change to a completely unrelated topic.