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Thanks guys, great insight from you both. A couple of comments though.

I don’t believe in the “how do I make a girl do things she doesn’t want to do” aspect of gaming. That’s not what I’m after, plus I’m with you MA it’s not possible to have a positive outcome. But the whole idea behind my understanding of pickup is to get her to realize that we both want the same thing.

This is what i mean by the concept of limits. When you first meet a girl, kissing her in the first 10 seconds is probably way beyond her limits, and I guess it’s “something that she doesn’t want to do”. But if you were able to kiss her, later on, that meant that you’ve passed these limits – mainly by creating some comfort between the two of you. And kissing you, though once undesirable, now becomes highly desirable for her ;).

These limits can be pushed all the way up to sex. You can’t make me believe that girls don’t want to have sex, we both know it’s not true because they are human,and humans are sexual beings. I’m very intrigued by what you two are saying about “not being in that position in the first place”. I have never been in a situation where I had absolute compliance. There’s always resistance and it’s what makes game.. well fun! It’s how you’re able to overcome this resistance in a very sexy manner.

I mentioned a very specific scenario though, I am really interested in how you guys would respond if you found yourself in that position. Like, specific things you would say. I mean you’ve just realized that you’ve gone too far.. how do you escape that, in a way that doesn’t show that you’re needy, but asserts your dominance/sexiness over the situation.