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Saying she’s interested in getting to know more about you is buy-in and you shouldn’t blow it off. Don’t be glib. You can easily over-game her. Give her some info. Tell her a little story about yourself, something that reveals a little of your personality. You can then cut it off by saying something like this “enough! i’m not a big email guy. the next time you’re in london, you can interrogate me in person. bring the handcuffs, the bright lights, and the truth serum, and between gasps for air, i’ll mumble (almost) all of my secrets :)”. I wouldn’t ask her out now. I would wait until she gives you an approximate date. Meanwhile, you can send her a short text or a link every two or three days. Don’t over-text. It’s needy and it shows that, even with a very uncertain reward, this success is important to you. It shouldn’t be.