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Day: 09-04-2014 (Day 3 in Step 1)

I just looked for more places to meet girls, i guess the best place is the Metro, at least the hour i am going out around 21h.

Found some other places with some girls but few since at this hour is late or they went out with friends, so in groups.

Regarding how i feel doing them, i feel that i am more confortable but still have some negative thoughs in my mind, which is a good thing.

Also i am becoming more confident, today taking the metro home i glass eyes with a girl and i keep looking at her, direct eye contact. I guess i am less afraid and the idea of going to talk with a girl i dont know is more appealing to me.

Also i was feeling that i should get up and go talk to her. Which i didnt… i am taking my time to do is step and win confidence and more and more time create an habit that will bring me many benefits in the future:)