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I don’t find you understand the situation at all. Let me tell you that I’m saying that with all respect and understanding that you are only trying to help, although in a less than useful way. Because the other 2 eye contact situations are what you should be doing with every human being on the planet. Don’t you agree that when you want to assure her that you’ll only do what’s comfortable to both of you, you need to be looking in her eyes, or you look at your shoes? So let’s keep this aside unless you don’t agree.

And instead of trying to think together what could one do in the hand hooking situation or how can one introduce it again later on (which is my question), you conclude without enough info that someone is ‘intense’ and she felt apprehensive because of that ‘intensity’. You ignore that she even let me decide what she eats and how she was receptive to almost everything else expect when it came her truly difficult logistics, and how she is interested to meet again.

Again, I understand that your intention is to help, but unfortunately I find it off. Because if she was resisting in other things or I had other issue, I would have asked about them. And in my opinion, the problem that guys have with girls is not pushing the envelope, but they other way round. The right thing to do is to ABC and you need to find out how to deal with resistance. And this is all what I’d like to talk about.