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Too much kino, eye contact! where did I say that? What was her reaction?

She kinoed me also and it was a single time that I looked deep in her eyes and she hat question while smiling so pleasantly. I told her if we’d not been eating, I’d have kissed her. She laughed and said “another time?”.

Man these are all very good stuff that I did. I would be happy for you and compliment you if you tell me you did stuff like that, and I’d move to answering your questions instead of telling you that you did too much.

Yes, Day activities do not automatically mean FZ but it depends on how I manage them plus her bad logistics. And I have no confidence in doing something good in a bar especially if she brings some friends plus her bad logistics. Still I think her momentum in wanting to meet me again should be handy somehow if I know what I could have done better on day 1.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback. MX