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Thanks for the clothing store tips – so basically a direct opener or an almost direct opener…..I agree with you that the indirect openers seem rather difficult to apply in clothing stores….Direct seems to be the way to go, which is probably why I have avoided doing them till now……oof…..this is not going to be easy….

Congratulations on getting the date set up with the girl from last Friday ! That’s great man ! Hope you have lots of fun with her !

Transylvanian chick..….a pity….but I have also bailed out of so many promising interactions that its depressing to recall them…..

The need to get their attention is important on subway & street approaches as well..…. because the ambient noise can be quite loud and quite a few are wearing ear plugs…so I will often open with a slightly louder “Hey “ or “Hi “ before continuing onto the indirect openers….

In the past I would simply deliver the opener but many times, either the girl didn’t hear me or ignored it….so its important to get their attention first….

Supermarkets –I just come up besides them in the aisle and open …around half the time they will be looking at something in the aisle so I deliver the opener, which gets them to look up , and then I point at their basket ( this is however not entirely necessary, its more like an excuse ) …

The key point is to come across as slightly flirty and mischievous…. In a way its almost obvious that we are hitting on them…..supermarkets are very comfortable environments for girls and its fairly easy to get into a conversation with them…transition quickly into her work day schedule and diet + health habits…from there getting into more personal stuff is easier…

I go either during lunch hour – when a lot of girls are doing some quick shopping , or preferably late in the evening Mondays to Thursdays, between 7 – 9 pm as the women then are almost always single….
An upmarket place with some gourmet stuff usually attracts the good looking girls…..

Sex & the City : – any time you see a gathering of 3 to 5 girls, this one can be used either as an opener “ you girls look straight out of that movie , Sex and the City “ or continued further ( after a pause ) :

“You know, I never quite understood that movie, all it did was give us a bunch of stereotypes…”

“There was the lead, a dreamer who’s waiting for her prince charming …….( I look around them ) that would seem to be you ( & I point at one of them ) “

( at this point they should start to be getting into this )

“There was the career chick ( point at another one – or ask which one of them fits ….the girls will point at each other ) “

“There was the princess complex ……”

“& there was the sex maniac….. ( the chicks will usually point to one of their friends & laugh out , “she’s always luring men ! “) “

so its kind of interactive …but in the right scene – especially bars – it can work great….by the time you get to the last one ( the sex maniac should be last ) , the girls have usually warmed up to you and you can carry on having fun and making fun of them…..

one last remark on clothing – When I see someone in Leopard print – I’ll often open with “ Leopard print huh….feeling rather predatory today are we ? or In a predatory mood today are we ?