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Thanks man. Would love to hear your sex and the city spiel!

Also can you explain the opener where you point to her basket? I didn’t quite understand it. But supermarket game is one of my top priorities.

Yeah I am in clothing stores 90% of the time when I am practicing, it’s by far the easiest place to find lots of girls in London. But now my AA is going, I’m finding it easier to open elsewhere.

Right now I am just going direct in stores a lot, seems to work fine. I am trying to use Lee’s deep thoughts opening routine too, but in clothing stores I can rarely get it to work. You have to do something that really grabs their attention, or they just carry on looking at clothes while half-talking to you. So generally I say “I feel a bit weird saying this in here…(pause for tension) but you are SO cute I had to say hello”.

The other thing I used to do in clothes stores is pick something up and say ‘hey, you look like the expert in fashion…would this look good on an Asian girl?’. However, I always found it really hard to transition from that discussion to personal conversation; most of the time when I would start to transition, the girls would walk off. However, I’m going to start using that opener again as I’m way more comfortable now.

There was one time I got into a conversation with an absolutely smoking hot Transylvanian girl (how often do you meet one of those?!) in Zara using that clothing opinion opener. She seemed really interested in talking to me but I got freaked out and ejected! Textbook AA story. I think indirect was probably the best approach to use on her, because she was so hot she probably gets stopped all the time.

So basically, whatever you do in clothes shops, make sure it’s something that really gets their attention.

Update: I have a date set up with the girl from Friday. Win.