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I understand that it is important to show sexual interest. However, I find it really hard to find the right balance because I feel like so much of the time, women are thinking “oh this guy just wants to fuck me”. I find a lot of the time as soon as you exhibit some sexual interest, that’s when they get weirded out.

For example yesterday I see this cute girl standing in front of the tube station.I open her with ‘deep thoughts’, but she was straight away excessively chatty with me so I had to abandon the normal routine. We talk for about 10 minutes and have a few laughs.Eventually I tell her that I am playing a gig at the venue opposite later that night, she asks how much it is to get in; she wants to come to the show. So she definitely had some kind of interest. Then at the end of the conversation I touch her on the arm and say something a bit flirty to show I am interested sexually, and I get this weird look from her. She gives me her number and gets me to call her, but I could see she didn’t save my number.

I texted her a bit later to say I’d got her on the guest list, but she didn’t turn up or reply to my text.

I guess it could have been anything, maybe she didn’t like me and was just being super friendly. But sometimes it really feels like being sexual is what turns them off.