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There’s a difference between lying and being evasive. She knows that you can get jealous/possessive (which is probably a turnoff to her) which is why she doesn’t feel comfortable or even safe being up front about her social life with other people. You guys aren’t exclusive, and you don’t own her–so it should be ok whoever the goes to the movies with–whether it’s her son, a female friend–or even a guy she’s fooling around with. But it’s no mystery why she’s keeping that part of her life away from you–but you’re giving her the third degree anyway. That’s what’s going to drive her away permanently.

Let her date. Don’t ask questions. You go out on dates too. Keep up the casual thing if you like–although you get WAY too invested in it so it’s prob. not a great idea. If it hurts you too much/you continue to be really jealous of what she may/may not be doing, then you should really get yourself out of the situation.

Ultimately you want exclusivity and she’s not there right now.