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Yes you’re right. Most of the time we know the answers and we just don’t want to face them. After that response it just triggered with me and made me realize ok cool were just casual dating or not committed. (I just didnt want to wait forever).

As far as the lie she had went to the movies with her son. She’s not a movie person so I asked who did you go with? She said with my son. So the other day I was hanging out with her son and he mentioned the movie. I was like was it good cause mom didnt like it. He says it was cool that he and Mommy’s friend liked it. I said Mommy’s friend? Ok.

So I asked her who you went to movies with? She said my son. Yeah but who else went? Then she goes with my friend. I was taking my son and he asked to go with us. I asked he? A male friend? She goes male or she whats the difference? A friend is a friend
Blah blah blah

So I remember before my failed trip I thought she had lied and Lee said to cancel the trip for lying and not to give explanations. So I thought it was the same advice and pulled Her collar on lying.