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equilib, yeah some good points here. yes I was in a few ltr’s but the method I mentioned above isn’t really about that. that’s what I wrote about it to show that what he wrote about hot girls wanting -only- relationships is false. people have different “what they want” stages in life. and they switch all the time:

the two roles are:
1. I want a relationship
2. I want to fuck

they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. but generally, you can make them be mutually exclusive if you don’t give the girl anything to base you on as far as being boyfriend material. and of’course girls have their “fuck” moments. sometimes they just want some dick. it happens all the time.

but the moment you make yourself known as more bf material then anticipate both her and yourself to start judging eachother more. this can of’course be detrimental to sex. for example, let’s say you’re looking for an LTR and one of the “checklists” that you have is that the girl atleast went to college. that means if you find a hot girl that didn’t go to college, you’ll next her. but if you’re just looking for sex, of’course you won’t.

so basically. know what role you’re in. I had a time where I didn’t want a relationship because I got out of one, and all I wanted to do was live out my childhood fantasies of having loads of sex with many different girls even girls that weren’t “right” from me. so girls of different social classes, girls with personalities that weren’t a good match for me, different races, girls of different ages, and so forth- just cause i wanted to experiment.

so i became just interested in sex. for girls that you aren’t interested in the long term with, that’s how you can get as much sex as you possibly imagine. because nobody judges eachother in this role.

you essentially do everything that indicates that you’re NOT boyfriend material. heck, you can even tell them that you’re not looking for a long term relationship they’ll probably suck your dick then and there.

hah, this reminds me of another story. a few years back, I remember back when i didn’t know what the hell i was doing. when i’d play stupid games with girls. so I had this girl that I met at a bar. we would play stupid games with each other. like sometimes i’d txt her but she wouldn’t answer. sometimes she’d txt me but i wouldn’t answer. and so forth. I think we met up on like one date or something where nothing happened. at tha at point i wasn’t even aware i should “Escalate” etc. (i was a newb). anyway, I think she wanted a relationship with me so she was teasing me. i guess it was her way to be “high value” or something. but quite truthfully i didn’t want a relationship with her just cause i wasn’t really in that stage of my life to want one, but she was a hot good looking girl. i remember she told me she wanted to talk one day before she went to her work party. and she told me, “I find it hard to read what you’re wanting from this. are you looking for a relationship or just a fling?”. and i’m the type of person that just can’t lie to people especially when they ask me something so blatant. so i just looked at her. “I just want to have sex with you and nothing else.” so she looked at me dumbfounded and she left to her party.
i’m not even kidding you, the same girl that was playing games with me for the last few days, about 2-3 hours later after we had that conversation I get a simple text message from her: “i’m coming over”. she came over, we immediately started making out, and fucked like rabbits. go figure.

so basically.. if you don’t take her out, you don’t go to a restaurant, you don’t buy her anything. instead, you make it to be all about sex, you just escalate, you’re very sexual around her, etc. hell, you even tell her that you’re not about sex. You’ll find that there’s so many girls that are looking for just that. even girls that are looking for relationships don’t “mind” to just have a random sexual fling just to “release”.

the power of this is that girls that won’t be normally attracted to you in an ltr won’t be as judgemental because they know that you’re just going to be a small part of their lives. and girls that ARE looking for an ltr, also won’t judge you or give you as much of a hard time cause they just see you as an easy layup, ie a walking human dildo.

it’s kind of like the mindset people have in vegas or other travel destinations where they know they’re probably not gonna meet their next wife/husband so their criteria become a bit more lax. but you can do this even in your local town by just giving off that vibe.

now what if i was looking for an ltr, would I do the same thing? what if I found actually found the girl of my dreams, the girl that checks all the notches? the girl that I actually think there’s a real potential with? where LOVE rears its head. and yes, I do believe in love. :>

quite truthfully, I wouldn’t have to do much. love conquers all, it’s the killer of game. it doesn’t matter what you do. you can have sex with them in the first date. or you can have sex with them after a month. love knows no boundaries. if you’re right for eachother, you both will pretty much forgive eachother no matter what happens. so being sexual won’t really hinder it. but quite truthfully, I probably WOULDN’T want to JUST be sexual with a girl like that. I’d probably want to take my time, and take her out, and just spend time with her, and talk to her, and hang out with her, and stuff like that.

But if you treat all girls like that, they get a mixed message. they start seeing you as a potential bf they start judging you etc. so if you make a wrong move, they just stop talking to you. and you definitely won’t get sex.

so to sum it up, this depends on the girl. and what i’m after. my default mode is “sexual” but if i spot a girl that I do see a potential with, I ease up a bit. for girls that I don’t see a potential with, I crank up the sex. if that makes any sense. hah.