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Woah what a heated thread lol. Very insightful having two interesting points of view.

What i assume from reading this is that Ryano is more of a ‘lets escalate and go for the bang each and every time’ kind of guy. I think you’ve mentioned before that you’re in a relationship. Did your methodology help you with that relationship or did you have to tweak it?
In my opinion, going for sex and escalating is great if thats all you want. But getting a quality girl that you’d want to have a LTR with would be hard using that mindset, no?

And for Lee. You’re 50 so i presume you’re more of ‘let’s qualify and challenge to see if she’s worthy of investing into and having a relationship with’ kind of guy. Even if you were single i doubt you’d be into one night stands now. You’d probably look for a girl with similar interests to spend time with and form a healthy relationship with. Back when you were in your 20’s, what mindset did you have?
Like if you wanted just to get laid (and thats all you wanted, no relationship, nothing) would you still use your same approach (ex. Asking if she read your favorite book or had other similar interests?) True, you may want to be selective with who you decide to penetrate but if sex is your only objective then does the other stuff matter?

I think thats the difference between you two. Both of your methods work but i assume you both want different outcomes which causes you to use different techniques.