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SomeGuyuk, I beg you… don’t fall into this shit. you’re so close.

anytime you hear the terms: qualification, push/pull, negs, or any of that pickup garbage just run the other way. you don’t need any of that shit. take it from someone who tried doing this qualification garbage for about 2 years, did the opposite and got even better results.

the moment you start doing things like qualification you’re simply just working for the girl. you become a juggler. although it seems that you’re qualifying HER it’s a phony act. and you know it. if the girl is a playboy model and you’re horny, do you really need to qualify her? of’course you don’t. because it’s bullshit. nature wired you to want to fuck her. but instead, you’re doing it because you think that’ll make you come across like you have “standards” to her. if there’s one thing that girls like is authenticity. but when you’re qualifying a playboy playmate it shows that you’re emasculated. (ie what guy WOULDN’T want to fuck a playboy playmate? if i had one in my room right now I’d fuck her I wouldn’t even need to know her name).

start getting laid with a ton of girls. girls will notice just by the way you walk and talk that you’re used to girls. that’s all you need. stop working for girls. just be true to what you want and you’ll find the girl that’s looking for that too. and trust me when i tell you, there’s PLENTY of girls out there that want what you want. more than you can handle.

although some guys in this forum (wink, wink) will tell you qualification is where it’s at. this is the major fault line of game. indirect vs direct. and it’s up to you to decide what path you take.