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“that sounds like a really serious job. But you’re not one of those girls that doesn’t know how to have fun are you?”

if you’re saying it in a flat, matter of fact way like you’re challenging them on their intellect. you’re done.

if you say something like the above make sure you say it as a sexual innuendo. ie the end needs to have a knowing grin and you can emphasize it with some kind of touch like “fun=sex”. although i probably wouldn’t even say that sentence as it sounds manufactured.

the way i see it, women are the embodiment of sex.. when a girl walks away it’s because there’s no sexual communication going on.

So if you’re not communicating with them on that level prepare for them to leave. that’s why friend zone happens to a person that is simply talking to them. even if that person is talking to them in a friendly way and even if there’s jokes happening in between. women are simply not interested. especially in a bar/club scenario or on a first date. women have a pretty dirty mind. they simply get bored if there’s no sexual interest going on. which is essentially escalation in all its various forms.

but without the air of “you may get fucked by me” which is essentially what flirting is, you can forget about getting laid anytime soon, much less keeping her attention.

that’s why i’m saying that if you “challenge” a girl, make sure you challenge her sexually not intellectually. and if you do the latter, get ready to waste time. and if you do the former, you can get them laid in less than half an hour if you know what you’re doing. although i don’t even like the word “challenge”. to me, everything revolves around flirting and flirting just means “i want to have sex with you but i’m not saying it explicitly”. rather the actions you do, and the sexual innuendos you say hint at it. that’s really where it’s at.